Afghanistan: Death threats force Afghan actress into hiding

21-year-old actress Sahar Parniyan says she is living a nightmare after a fellow actress, Benafsha, was murdered by unknown men during the Eid celebrations in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul. Sahar Parniyan used to perform in Afghan drama serials and tv shows together with 22-year-old Benafsha.

Facebook profile of Sahar Parniyan

Khaama Press reported that she has changed her home address from western Kabul city to an unknown, secret location because she was threatened by unknown individuals not to appear in tv shows. She received threats already before her colleague Benafsha was assassinated, and after the killing she has been warned that she is the next target to be assassinated.

Sahar Parniyan wrote on her Facebook page: “I am afraid that before 2014, extremism, terror and fundamentalism will be increasing to a point where it takes the lives of artists and activists of civil society. My only hope is God, your encouragements and benedictions and may be the security guards. Hereafter I am forced to have security escorts with me. What can I do? This is the situation in my country!”

“دوستان عزیز، تشکر از پیام ها و نظرات و ابراز نگرانی تان درمورد سلامتی ام، حادثه ناگواری که چند روز پیش در غرب کابل رخداد جان دو تن از هنرمندان تلویزیون را گرفت، و مرا هم تهدیداتی کردند که نفر بعدی من هستم که کارم را خلاص کنند، اما تاکنون سلامتم ، فقط اینکه چند روزی است که از خانه خارج نمیشوم تشویش و دلهره ای بسیار دارم .ترسم از اینست که سال 2014 هنوز نیامده بنیاد گرایی، ترور، و ایجاد رعب و وحشت به این حد برسد و به این آسانی جان هنرمندان و فعالین مدنی را بگیرند، فعلن تنها امیدم به خدا، به دعاهای شما علاقه مندانم و شاید هم به محافظ امنیتی باشد، مجبورم از این به بعد با محافظین امنیتی گشت و گذار نمایم، چی کنم، متاسفانه کشورم چنین است”

Sahar Parniyan is an athlete and actress who has had roles in many television fiction series in Afghanistan, including ‘Hechland AKA Ministry’ which criticizes the corruption in the Afghan government. During the Eid celebrations, she was interviewed as a special guest on four different television channels.

Kabul Press wrote: “The journalists, celebrities and radio and television entertainers in Afghanistan are under pressure by different sides; the armed terrorist groups such as the Taliban, the unarmed fundamentalists in the society and the Ulama Council that is the official religious entity in the government body. The recent growth of fundamentalism is evidently visible in different corners of the country, and people are concerned it might get worse in 2014 after the foreign troops will pull out from Afghanistan.”

Kabul Press also reported that a concert had been canceled in Herat after an extremist scholar had criticized it and that in July, the works of three artists from Taasha Artist Group were confiscated by Ministry of Information and Culture in Kabul, prohibiting the artists from participating in any exhibition in Afghanistan.


Sahar Parniyan’s Facebook page


Kabul Press – 26 August 2012:
Sahar Parniyan lives in fear after a TV actress was murdered in Kabul
Sahar Parniyan the prominent Afghanistani Hazara actress said that she lives in fear after the suspicious murder of a TV actress in Kabul. By Mohammad Amin Wahidi


Hazara People International Network – 19 July 2012:
بازگشت طالبان، کابوس یک هنرپیشه زن: مصاحبه اختصاصی با سحر پرنیان


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