Another legal action against Turkish singer Pınar Aydınlar

The following was published by Antenna-TR in its Freedom of Expression Weekly Bulletin Issue 19/2012 on 11 May 2012:

A lawsuit was filed against folk singer Pınar Aydınlar (also known as Pinar Sağ) and the Group Munzur members Özlem Gerçek and Erkan Duman demanding between one and five years of imprisonment for terrorist organisational propaganda at Tunceli Munzur Festival.

Prosecutor stated that names of Ali Haydar Yıldız and İbrahim Kaypakkaya, who died in 1973, were TKP/ML TİKKO members and were mentioned in songs like ‘İbrahim’e Ağıt’, ‘Ali Haydar’, and ‘Kırmızı Gül’.

The indictment also claims that a 30 strong group during the concert were holding pictures of İbrahim Kaypakkaya and Mao, wearing partisan caps and shouting “Ovacık martyrs are not dead”, “Mahir, Hüseyin, Ulaş, fight till liberation!”, “Güler Zere immortal!”, “Oppression do not hinder us!”, “Our leader is İbrahim Kaypakkaya!”, turning the spectacle into an organisational demonstration. The singer who was thanking the audience was deemed as thanking for the slogans.

Pınar Aydınlar commented to Evrensel newspaper that the singer İsmail Türüt was acquitted in the name of freedom of expression for composing music praising Hrant Dink’s murderers and pointed at the discrepancy.

Pınar Aydınlar is facing another court case with the same accusation – demanding a 10 months prison sentence. This is still pending at Yargıtay Supreme Court of Appeals. This case will be heard on the 24 May 2012 at Malatya 3rd HCC.

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