Brunei: Ministry bans Malaysian film for being “bad influence”

In a 23 August 2016 letter, Brunei’s Ministry of Internal Affairs banned neighbouring Malaysian film ‘Pekak” (Deaf) stating it has no educational content and is a bad influence as it contains scenes of using and selling drugs, promiscuity, violence and women smoking cigarettes, reported news site My Metro on 2 September 2016.

“We are aware the elements shown in this film do not conform to the rules of their country, but that’s the reality of life that we try to highlight in this movie,” Marini Ramlan, manager of the film’s distribution company, said.

Though Ramlan stated he was “disappointed” and “frustrated” as fans of the film have asked why they cannot watch it, the company abides by the decisions of the government and he hopes they can find alternate channels, such as television or digital, to make the film available in the country.

The award-winning film, which was released in Malaysia on 1 September 2016, tells the story of a deaf drug dealer who lives a life of crime to afford hearing implants. He later forms a relationship with a schoolgirl trying to get away from her father and the couple’s story leads them down a road of sex, drugs and violence.

Brunei Ministry of Internal Affairs letter banning 'Pekak' – My Metro

Brunei Ministry of Internal Affairs letter banning ‘Pekak’ – My Metro

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