Burkina Faso: Music studio in capital bombed after coup


Studio Abazon in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, was attacked in the early hours of 17 September 2015, allegedly targeted by coup soldiers because of the activism of its owner, rapper Smockey.

The studio is owned and run by top Burkinabe rapper and revolutionary artist, Serges Martin Bambara – also known as Smockey (or Smokey). The attack was reportedly carried out by members of the RSP, otherwise known as the ‘Presidential Guard,’ led by General Gilbert Diendéré, the leader of the military junta that seized power in the country this week.

Studio Abazon, according to rights activists in Ouaga, was rocket-bombed by members of the RSP. According to reports, the well-equipped studio, a hub for young and aspiring musicians in Ouga, was damaged beyond repair – which confirms the suspicion that it was an orchestrated attack on the artist, who in recent years has become the rallying voice for the politically decimated angry and idealistic young Burkinabe.

Smockey is the leader of a popular socio-political movement called Balai Citoyen (The Citizens’ Broom), which led the revolt against the dictatorial actions of former President Blaise Compaoré. The popular revolt forced Compaoré to resign and flee the country on 31 October 2014. General Diendéré was number two man to Compaoré. His leadership of the RSP targeted Smockey and members of The Citizens’ Broom, who they perceived as enemies of the ousted Compaoré.

» Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.musicinafrica.net

France24 journalist Aleandre Capron shared photos of the aftermath of the coup on his Twitter-account:

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