India: Frustrations in film industry over censorship

“With every single film we have the most insane battles… It is insane. It is restrictive. It is regressive. And very frankly, it is getting worse,” said 33-year-old Bollywood actor Imran Khan about the Indian film censorship board. “Censorship has reached a very scary place in India,” Khan told Indian students at Harvard University in […]

Tunisia: Reconciling freedom of artistic expression with religion

Aymen Allani calls for a new dialogue to be initiated in Tunisia between the proponents of absolute freedom of expression in the arts and those more conservative groups, who feel their religion threatened by such freedom. Opinion-piece by Aymen Allani, published by Common Ground News Service on 6 October 2014. Tunisia has not yet seen […]

United Kingdom: Common statement in defense of offensive art

“We must prevent the repetition of recent ‘successful protests’ in which the artist is silenced by threats of violence towards the institution, the work or the artist him or herself, as we saw with ‘Exhibit B’ in London, and ‘The City’, the hip-hop opera by the Jerusalem-based Incubator Theatre company” The right to protest but […]



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