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USA: Literature and censorship – the biggest challenge is apathy

The American organisation National Coalition Against Censorship writes: “For nearly as long as the written word has existed, it has been a target for censorship. (…) The difference between the book bans of yesteryear and the battle against censorship today is that, with vigilance, we have the power to stand up to censorship and defend the […]

Egypt: Index on Censorship interview about censored theatre play

‘Shout Art Loud’ – a ‘living report’ from the freedom of expression charity Index on Censorship about art and sexual violence in Egypt – describes how the play ‘The Bussy Monologues’ was censored after its first performance in 2010. The directors of the play had a visit from the “morality police”, the tourism police, State […]

Morocco: The government’s “war” on young filmmakers

In this article the Moroccan filmmaker Nadir Bouhmouch describes the background for the current arrests of young filmmakers, actors and hip-hop artists in Mohammedia, Morocco. The article highlights a problem that plagues young Moroccan filmmakers and forces them to break the law in order to produce films. By Nadir Bouhmouch   Morocco’s war on art […]

Egypt: Secularists and conservatives battle over music videos

In an in-depth article, Index of Censorship’s Shahira Amin describes the current battle between secularists and conservatives for the soul of the “new Egypt” where “suggestive” and “explicit” music videos are being blamed for causing a surge in incidents of sexual harassment and violence against women in the country and 20 music videos have been […]



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