China: Art exhibition with North Korean artist shut by police


The North Korean artist and dissident Sun Mu, who for security reasons has a secret identity, has been prevented from exhibiting his work in China.

This was reported by the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation and the South Korean news agency Yonhap.

At the opening of Sun Mu’s exhibition of satirical imitations of North Korean propaganda at Yuan Dian Gallery in Beijing, police blocked visitors from entering the gallery. Police also picked off both the artworks and posters that hung outside the gallery.

China is seen as North Korea’s main ally, although relations between Beijing and Pyongyang have become more and more strained, since Kim Jong Un took over the leadership of North Korea in 2011.

The artist Sun Mu managed to escape from North Korea to South Korea in the late 1990’s and to protect his family members who remained in the closed country. He uses a pseudonym and he is never photographed.

So far he has not wanted to speak and those who tried to enter the gallery in Beijing today, were greeted by a sign that read:
“The exhibition has for some reason been closed. Thanks for your understanding.”

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