China: Authorities tightens regulations for books and online films

Chinese authorities are requiring makers of online films to gain licenses and report their content before it is posted, tightening regulation of what in recent years has been a more freewheeling genre than China’s traditional film industry.


China’s online video sites have provided an accessible platform for filmmakers of all kinds to post their work, often of shorter form than those in traditional cinemas. Microfilms have exploded over the past years stretching the boundaries of what can be shown.

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South China Morning Post wrote on 22 January 2014 that Beijing has tightened controls on book publishers and ordered publications by authors from Hong Kong and Taiwan to go through a stricter approval process.

The directive was sent to all chief editors of major Chinese publishers in early December and came with immediate effect.

The move was to weed out content deemed “vulgar” or “politically harmful” by the authorities, sources familiar with the situation said. The tightening was never publicised.

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