China: Hollywood film banned from release

deadpool china
The world’s second-largest theatrical market has denied release of Ryan Reynold’s superhero blockbuster ‘Deadpool’ due to its violence, nudity and graphic language, reported The Hollywood Reporter on 17 January 2016.

Hollywood Reporter sources told the news site that China’s censorship authorities, who often work with Hollywood studios to produce “cleaned-up” versions of movies, said it was impossible “to excise the offending material without causing plot problems”, thus deciding to ban the movie completely from theatres.

China’s film censorship standards remain unclear and nebulous, though a draft of the country’s film law was drafted and debated on 30 October 2015 to help clarify the censorship process.


» Independent – 19 January 2016:
Deadpool gets banned in China due to violence, nudity, and graphic language

» The Guardian – 18 January 2016:
Deadpool denied release in China due to extreme content

» The Hollywood Reporter – 17 January 2016:
‘Deadpool’ denied release in China due to graphic violence

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