China: Malaysian rapper told to make no controversial statements


The Malaysian rapper Namewee (real name: Wee Meng Chee) has become the latest to join a growing number of artists and brands facing limitations on their performance in China.

Namewee posted a statement on Facebook on 19 October 2015 that he had been forced by his Hong Kong concert promoter to declare that he wouldn’t “make any comments or say anything about the Malaysian government or Chinese government” during his 20 October “Namewee Asia Killer” concert.

Namewee told Apple Daily he had been ordered by the Hong Kong branch of his Singaporean management company to sign the statement to allay fears from sponsors. The concert manager, Lau Tao-Wang of EQ Music & Media, told local media his company had asked Wee to sign the statement to avoid anything that is “politically sensitive.” He stressed that the statement was his idea, adding that the Malaysian or Chinese government had nothing to do with it.

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