China: New film law to address censorship


A draft of China’s first film law aims to ease and clarify the country’s censorship process, though regulations will continue to exist. The law was debated on 30 October 2015 by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, ABC News reported.

The country’s film market is heavily regulated and nebulous, leaving filmmakers routinely unclear as to what they will be allowed to produce or not.

The new law would create “concrete film examination standards” that will be accessible to the public and treatments of films would only need to be approved before shooting, rather than providing complete screenplays for approval, magazine Variety reported.

However, finished films will still need to clear censorship standards before being released and that approval process would still be “subject to the opinions of experts”.

China’s film industry is rapidly growing and this new law also comes with financial, taxation, promotion and land use incentives intended to help boost the industry.



» Variety – 2 November 2015:
China Drafts New Film Industry Law

» ABC News – 30 October 2015:
China Drafts Film Law to Ease Movie Licensing, Censorship

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