China: President delivers directions to artists


On 15 October 2014, the Chinese president Xi Jinping delivered a speech about the importance of arts to some of China’s leading creative figures.

The Chinese state news agency Xinhua quoted President Xi Jinping as having said that “Academic and artistic democracy should also be promoted to allow for full discussions between groups holding different views.”

Under the headline “Chinese President Xi Jinping warns against ‘immoral’ art”, an article published by the BBC News however focused on that the president had warned artists not to “go astray while answering the question of whom to serve, otherwise their works will lack vitality.”

“A more favorable environment for artistic creation is also needed. The Communist Party of China acknowledges the principle of diversity, putting it as ‘All flowers bloom together, and let all schools of thought contend for attention.’

The phrases were used by Mao in the 1950s to describe the flourishing of culture and they should be truly realized now.

Xi promised to promote “the democracy in academic and artistic circles” and create a “constructive and easy environment”. He also urged the Party departments to respect the creativity of artists, grant them full trust and support.” (…)

“The true value of a masterpiece lies in its intellectual depth, artistic exquisiteness and skillful production,” the president said, calling on Chinese artists to produce more works that “disseminate contemporary Chinese values, embody Chinese traditional culture and reflect Chinese people’s aesthetic pursuit.”

Academic and artistic democracy should also be promoted to allow for full discussions between groups holding different views, Xi said.

President Xi Jinping addressed a symposium in Beijing of some of the country’s “most renowned” authors, actors, scriptwriters and dancers, Xinhua reported, without naming the attendees.

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