China: Apple censors Tibet book app

The app, ‘Jingdian Shucheng’, which offers access to ten books via the iPhone and iPad, has been removed from the App Store in China. Hao Peiqiang, the Beijing-based developer of the app, said Apple told him it had taken the step to censor it because it “includes content that is illegal in China”.

Wang Lixiong

According to an article in The Financial Times, Hao Peiqiang believes it was three titles by Wang Lixiong, a political writer and activist, which had prompted the ban. Wang Lixiong is a prominent critic of Chinese policy in Tibet, and his books are banned in China.

Wang Lixiong is married to Woeser, a prominent Tibetan poet, and the couple are both well-known political activists who have been subjected to periodic persecution and intimidation by China’s state security apparatus, wrote Financial Times correspondent Jamil Anderlini from Beijing.

One of the banned books, entitled ‘Tianzang’, is about the future of China’s policies in Tibet while another, ‘Yellow Peril’, is a political novel about the future collapse of China’s government and society. The third book — ‘My Western Territory, Your Eastern Land’ — is a personal memoir of the author’s visit to the troubled territory of Xinjiang and his subsequent detention at the hands of state security officers.

The corporate censorship is seen as the latest sign of the technology giant’s eagerness to appease the Chinese government.

The Financial Times – 4 April 2013:
Apple bars China app for ‘illegal’ content
“Apple has removed at least one online application from the China App Store because it provides access to books that are banned by the Chinese government, according to the developer of the app.” By Jamil Anderlini in Beijing together with Gu Yu and Tim Bradshaw

The Telegraph – 4 April 2013:
Apple censors Tibet book app in latest concession to Chinese government
“Apple has ejected an app that offered access to banned books from its App Store in China, in the latest sign of the technology giant’s willingness to appease the Chinese government.” By Christopher Williams, Technology Correspondent

Wikipedia, the open encyclopedia:
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