Cuba: Exhibition bans photo of official tabloid being used as toilet paper

Cuban photographer Erick Coll stated via his Facebook account that one of his works depicting a woman using the state-run weekly tabloid Trabajadores (Workers) as toilet paper was removed from the Erotic Art Salon at the Fayad Jamis’ Gallery in Havana, reported El Nuevo Herald on 10 February 2017.

The banned photograph entitled “Valor de uso” (The value of use) refers to the poor value that government information or news has for the people. Trabajadores is an iconic Cuban newspaper managed by the Central de Trabajadores de Cuba (Workers’ Central Union of Cuba) and founded in 1970.

The exact reason behind the censorship of the picture remains uncertain since neither the gallery nor local newspapers have offered an explanation; Coll hasn’t made any other comments about the incident, which wasn’t denied by any of the others involved.

The banning of Coll’s picture has been associated with similar episodes of artistic works banned in Cuba. In 1990, for example, artist Angel Delgado was jailed after a performance in which he defecated over the Cuban Communist Party’s newspaper Granma. In 1999, artist Wilfredo Prieto faced difficulties and criticism for his installation “Discurso” (Discourse), which consisted of toilet paper made entirely from Granma.

Every year, between February and April, the Fayad Jamis’ Gallery organizes the Erotic Art Salon, which features the artworks of Cuban painters, digital artists, photographers, sculptors, and performers and is one of the few spaces for erotic art inside the island.


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