Cuba: Gorki’s trial suspended

On 10 February 2014 the news arrived, first as a rumour, that Gorki’s trial had been suspended. Then at 3:27pm over Facebook, Gorki Águila gave the following status update:

“At 2:00pm, I was informed that the oral presentation of the trial scheduled for Tuesday, February 11 was suspended due to health reasons of my lawyer … At no time did an official notice arrive to me so right now I am heading to the Marianao Summary Court 100 & 33 to make known my concerns with regards to this news and that they not be given any argument for accusing me of not appearing … I ask the people who have joined the solidarity campaign not to abandon denouncing this because the authorities may take advantage of a break to attack with impunity. Any other information I will try to make available. Thanks to all friends.”

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