Cuba: Graffiti artist released from prison after 10 months


The Cuban artist El Sexto (real name: Danilo Maldonado) was freed from prison in the morning on 20 October 2015. Despite having resumed a hunger strike four days earlier, he said he was in good health.

El Sexto was freed after having been held 10 months behind bars without charges, allegedly for attempting to release two pigs painted with the names of Raul and Fidel Castro, the country’s current leader and former leader.

In el Nuevo Herald, Nora Gamez Torres, called it “one of the most notorious artistic censorship cases to take place during the last few years in Cuba”. A trial was never held.

“The graffiti artist thanked the media, which covered his case as well as the activists, opposition leaders and international organizations who fought for his release. ‘Without a doubt, I would still be in jail [without their help] so I thank every person who did something to achieve my liberation,’ he said.”
Nora Gamez Torres – in el Nuevo Herald

» Miami Herald – 20 October 2015:
Cuba frees artist ‘El Sexto’

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» The Guardian – 21 October 2015:
Cuban artist El Sexto released from jail for planned art piece criticizing Castros

» ABC News – 21 October 2015:
Cuban Artist El Sexto Is Freed After 10 Months in Prison
By Andrea Rodriguez, Associated Press

» Wikipedia, the open encyclopedia: ‘Danilo Maldonado Machado’

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