Denmark: Hippie book author accuses Facebook of hypocrisy

A debate about online freedom of speech was held in Copenhagen on 14 November 2013, following the decision by Apple to not carry a Danish book about 1970s hippie culture because it contained nudity.


Facebook also threatened to ban its author, Peter Øvig Knudsen, after he posted content from the book that depicted nudity on his Facebook page.

Facebook’s Nordic head of policy, Thomas Myrup Kristensen, said that Facebook was not censoring Øvig, but simply implementing its guidelines regarding nudity. But Knudsen argued that Facebook was being hypocritical, as it allows companies to buy advertising in which women are shown wearing so little clothes that they might as well be naked. Google – which carries the book in its online shop Google Play – attended the event alongside Facebook, but Apple reportedly did not even respond to the invitation.
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