Denmark: Row over Muslim satire

“Every muslim must know that there are consequences if you make fun of Islam,” says Abu Zakaria and calls for a boycott of the new Danish satire-series entitled ‘Det Slører Stadig’, broadcasted by the public service channel DR2.

Det slører stadig PR photo

In the tv-programme, four young women with immigrant background from Iran, Jordan and Bosnia take a satirical look at prejudices about young Muslim women.

A group with the name ‘The Call to Islam’ uploaded a 10-minutes video on YouTube with the title ‘Response to ‘Det Slører Stadig’’ in which Abu Zakaria says that the tv-programme exceeds the limits and makes a mockery of Islam and is “deriding our sisters.”

On the Facebook page of the tv-programme, Aliya Hassan wrote: “You should really be ashamed of yourselves. Get your punishment for the day of judgment, inshaAllah. Remember, Allah sees and hears everything.”, and the four comedians reportedly have received death threats on their Facebook pages.

Det slører stadig
Public stoning on city hall square
The Danish stand-up-comedian Omar Marzouk, who has an Egyptian family background, however, explains in an interview with the Danish newspaper Politiken that he is getting fed up with the fears surrounding Islam:

“I do not believe that Muslims and Islam must be something people fear. We should not be ignorants, crying ‘mockery’, without even having a basic knowledge about the background. Why should there be this fear around us? There is nothing in Islam about burkas, it has never been a part of Islam. It is clothes.”

Consequently, Omar Marzouk has summoned to ‘public stoning’ of himself on Town Hall Square (Rådhuspladsen) in Copenhagen on 1 February. “It will be my own small version of the Arab Spring,” he says. “We must raise up and overthrow this fear system”.

Omar Marzouk launches a new one-man show called ‘Bange for Sjov’ (‘Afraid of Fun’ / ‘Afraid for Fun’) on 17 January 2012. – January 2013:
Det slører stadig (1:15)
Politiken – 17 January 2013:
Islamister advarer kvinder fra DR-satire: Sjov med islam har konsekvenser
(Islamists warn women from satire tv programme: ‘Making fun of Islam has consequences’)
Politiken – 16. January 2013:
Frygtløs komiker indkalder til offentlig stening – af sig selv
(Fearless comedian shall convene public stoning-of itself)
Omar Marzouk will confront fear in society with its new show ‘Afraid of/for Fun’, which has its premiere on 17 January 2013


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