Denmark: Young poet assaulted for ‘infidelity’

The young and nationally renowned Danish poet Yahya Hassan was beaten numerous times in the face and called an infidel.


The incident happened at Copenhagen’s central railway station at 6pm on 18 November 2013 where Yahya Hassan had been waiting on a platform. Police arrived shortly after and arrested the person who was identified as the perpetrator.

18-year-old Yahya Hassan whose parents are Palestinian has been receiving death threats after he had been in the media spotlight when he published a collection of 150 poems, where he criticized the immigrant community in the suburb Gellerup where he comes from, and accused his parents’ generation of bad parenting. His poetry book has become an awarded bestseller.

Copenhagen Post – 19 November 2013:
Yahya Hassan assaulted at Central Station
Poet was attacked from behind by a 24-year-old man who allegedly shouted that Hassan was an infidel and should die

“His book has been a surprise strong seller since it hit the relatively small Danish market Oct. 17, with 32,000 copies being sold in about two weeks. The publisher, Gyldendal, says books of poetry in Denmark are lucky to hit 500 copies.”

Wall Street Journal – 6 November 2013:
Teen Poet Sparks New Debate on Islam in Denmark
By Clemens Bomsdorf and Ellen Emmerentze Jervell.

News stories in Danish language: – 19 November 2013:
DSB-ansatte hjalp Yahya Hassan under overfald

Berlingske – 19 November 2013:
Yahya Hassan overfaldet på Hovedbanegården

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