Egypt: Belly dancing equated to prostitution, tv broadcaster arrested

On 17 May 2012, the owner of a satellite tv station, Baleegh Hamdi, was arrested in his appartment by Giza Security Forces on charges of encouraging prostitution and “incitement to immorality” by broadcasting a show on belly dancers.

Baleegh Hamdi’s channel, Al Taat, broadcasts videos of belly dancers throughout the day giving performances to live music. The channel is the only one that has been showcasing the art form in Egypt and is accessible only via paid satellite and in expensive clubs in Egypt.

Officials state that the owner was arrested on charges of offending public decency and displaying obscene images. Fears of a conservative Egyptian society have been growing ever since the establishment of the new government, led by the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafi parties.


Source: – 17 May 2012:
القبض على صاحب قناة التت..والمتهم: ”لا أحرض على الفسق والدعارة”

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