Egypt: Index on Censorship interview about censored theatre play

‘Shout Art Loud’ – a ‘living report’ from the freedom of expression charity Index on Censorship about art and sexual violence in Egypt – describes how the play ‘The Bussy Monologues’ was censored after its first performance in 2010.


The directors of the play had a visit from the “morality police”, the tourism police, State Security and the national bureau of censorship. Nadine Emile was part of the cast and in a video chapter of ‘Shout Art Loud’ she shares her story. The chapter is titled ‘Censorship’.

» Shout Art Loud: A ‘living report’ on art and sexual violence in Egypt

Index on Censorship – 15 May 2013:
Egyptian artists declare war on sexual harassment
Since the fall of President Hosni Mubarak two years ago, artists have been active in breaking Egypt’s age-old taboos around sexual violence, especially since sexual harassment has been on the rise. Article by Melody Patry


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