Egypt: Radio station bans mahraganat song

mahmoud al-laithi and bossi
Ahmed Sameer, president of Cairo’s Nagham FM radio station, has banned Mahmoud al-Laithi and female singer Bossi’s mahraganat song ‘Bonbonaia’ (meaning candy) from the station, reported on 18 April 2016.

Sameer’s order came after Ahmed al-Shenawi’s show ‘My Beloved People’ aired the song, which Sameer said contained explicit lyrics that “do not match Egyptian customs and traditions”. He also ordered the song to be removed from the station’s programme library.

The president further told his directors and radio presenters they were not to broadcast mahraganat songs in general on their shows and that they must select songs that “match public taste”.

Mahraganat is a style of music in Egypt that represents the voice of the people and is quickly growing in popularity with youngsters, though the genre is still misunderstood and often receives negative attention from authorities. Mahraganat songs often address social issues, relationships and drug problems in their lyrics.

Nagham FM is supervised by the public company “Sound of Cairo for Sounds and Visuals” established in 1964.

Photo is a screen shot from the Bonbonaia video on YouTube


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Nagham FM bans ‘Bonbonaia’ song from radio

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Nagham FM to ban song ‘Bonbonaia’ from radio

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