Egypt: Screening of Israeli award-winning film cancelled

band's visit youtubeThe Egyptian Culture Ministry cancelled a screening of Eran Kolirin’s film ‘The Band’s Visit’ that was to take place at the Palace of Culture in Beni Suef, 115 kilometres south of Cairo, Misr Journal reported on 23 January 2016.

The film was set to be screened on 24 January 2016, but the regional cultural president Mohamed Mounir cancelled the screening and is investigating who allowed it to take place. The film has stirred controversy ever since its release in 2007 with accusations from culture ministry authorities that it seeks to “normalise” relations with Israel, reported The Huffington Post on 29 January 2016.

The comedic film, which addresses cultural relations between Israelis and Egyptians, tells the story of an Egyptian police orchestra that arrives in Israel to put on a performance, but due to a miscommunication end up stranded in a fictional town in the middle of the Negev Desert where they have to stay overnight and interact with the locals.

The film was also banned from the 2007 Cairo International Cinema Festival, forcing the director to hold a screening in a hotel.

Photo is a screen grab from the film’s trailer on YouTube


» The Huffington Post – 29 January 2016:
Israeli film prevented from screening in upper Egypt

» San Diego Jewish World – 28 January 2016:
Egyptian ministry cancels planned screening of award-winning Israeli film

» – 23 January 2016:
Beni Suef Cultural Palace prevents screening of Israeli film ‘The Band’s Visit’

» Misr Journal – 23 January 2016:
Benu Suef Cultural Palace prevents screening of Israeli film ‘The Band’s Visit’

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