Egypt: Secularists and conservatives battle over music videos

In an in-depth article, Index of Censorship’s Shahira Amin describes the current battle between secularists and conservatives for the soul of the “new Egypt” where “suggestive” and “explicit” music videos are being blamed for causing a surge in incidents of sexual harassment and violence against women in the country and 20 music videos have been banned in March 2014.


In a move that has sparked concern among Egyptian secularists, the country’s censorship committee banned 20 music videos allegedly containing “heavy sexual connotations” and featuring “scantily-dressed female singers and models.”

The decision to ban the video clips deemed “inappropriate” and “indecent” by members of the state censorship committee, comes two months after a new constitution guaranteeing freedom of expression and opinion was approved by 98 per cent of voters in a national referendum. The new charter replaced the 2012 constitution, widely criticized by rights organizations and revolutionary activists as an “Islamist-tinged” document.

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» Index of Censorship – 21 March 2014:
Egypt: Secularists and conservatives battle over music videos
By Shahira Amin

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