Facebook: Artist banned for nude pencil drawing of Donald Trump

illma gore donald trump
Australian artist Illma Gore might permanently be banned from Facebook for posting her pencil drawing of nude US presidential hopeful Donald Trump in mid-February 2016, she told arts website Hyperallergic in a story published on 11 March 2016.

Though Gore posted her drawing to a private group on 10 February 2016, Facebook contacted the artist saying that her account was temporarily suspended for violating nudity standards, and since then the artist has had only periodic access to her account.

Gore told Hyperallergic that her last suspension notice stated she could be facing a permanent ban for posting the image, which can still be seen on her page without difficulty.

Online retailer eBay has also repeatedly removed Gore’s post to sell the original work before agreeing that the piece does fall under their “art” category, thus allowing images of nudity, Vice’s Motherboard site reported on 8 March 2016.

“Who decides this hierarchy of ‘fine art?’” Gore told Hyperallergic. “And why is this value judgement being placed on artworks for sale in an online market place or social media? More importantly, why, other than an attempt to try and censor the image, should eBay or Facebook ever prevent me or any other contemporary artist from selling or posting their work?”

The artist told Hyperallergic she has also been contacted by the US presidential candidate’s legal team who told her she could face obscenity charges if she sells the work or any prints.

Interestingly, the image has not been banned from Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram, which Facebook owns, Motherboard reported.

Photo courtesy of the artist


» Hyperallergic – 11 March 2016:
Drawing of Donald Trump with a micropenis might get artist banned for life from Facebook

» Motherboard Vice – 8 March 2016:
The artist behind ‘baby dick’ Trump pic is now banned from Facebook

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