France: Mayor censors mural at ceramics museum

A mural by Jérôme Galvin commissioned for the grand reopening of a ceramics museum in a small French village was censored by the town’s new mayor who deemed Galvin’s images “insanities, vices, pornography” in an official statement.


“In the room devoted to grotesque ceramics, I created a five-meter mural,” Galvin told Libération. “I took inspiration from this historic genre, grotesque and burlesque, rich and well known… I portrayed, in a more contemporary manner, small figures, some of them nude, in ridiculous positions. One was a urinating aristocrat. It’s not pornographic, there’s no erection.”

Evidently, the new mayor’s municipal council has a different definition of “pornographic”, deeming Galvin’s images “insanities, vices, pornography” in an official statement. This in spite of the fact that the artist had worked with the mayor’s office to ensure that the mural would not offend anyone at city hall.

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