France: Verdict of three years imprisonment to rapper in Marseilles


The court in Marseilles summoned the French-Algerian rapper Lacrim (real name: Karim Zenoud), but he didn’t show up in court. He was consequently given status as a fugitive and sentenced in absentia to three years imprisonment.

Lacrim was charged in court because of the video for his song ‘Viens, je t’emmène’, in which he uses a real Kalashnikov weapon for what he termed “a realistic effect”. Lacrim has stated that a friend lent him the weapon at the time of shooting the music video. However, it was this specific two-second video image which caused the verdict.

Investigations showed that the rifle used in the video might have been used before in cases of arms trafficking by gangs in the city, and Lacrim was charged for being indirectly involved in arms trafficking.

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Lacrim – Vien Je T’emmene
Published on on 12 November 2013.

Lacrim: “J’ai mis mon premier survet de foot en prison”
Published on Youtube on 2 October 2014.

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