India: Frustrations in film industry over censorship


“With every single film we have the most insane battles… It is insane. It is restrictive. It is regressive. And very frankly, it is getting worse,” said 33-year-old Bollywood actor Imran Khan about the Indian film censorship board.

“Censorship has reached a very scary place in India,” Khan told Indian students at Harvard University in the US, reported Indian Express: “Particularly in the past few years, I have been feeling – as someone who works in the theatre field – that it is getting more and more restrictive to the point that you are afraid of what can we show, what can we talk about.”

Khan said eveyone in the film industry are frustrated because every film is considered by the censor board on a case by case basis. “Rather than getting more inclusive and progressive, we are moving backwards. All of us are troubled by this.”

Photo on top of this page: Imran Khan. Source: Instagram.


» Indian Express – 8 February 2016:
In India censorship has reached a scary place: Imran Khan

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