India: Fundamentals of censorship allegedly ‘skewed and misused’

“In India the fundamentals of censorship seem to be skewed in many ways, and also misused,” wrote Shaumik Samar Ghosh in an article titled ‘Censuring the Censors’, which was published in The Indian Republic, India’s largest not-for-profit news portal, on 27 June 2014.

“How does Indian censorship work? Article 19(a) of India’s constitution grants us freedom of expression, but this freedom comes with certain parameters we need to abide to. Any kind of content that can disturb religious disharmony is deemed objectionable as India has been a communally sensitive country. In fact, any kind of content that can disrupt relations with neighbouring countries is also censored. Any form of art that is vulgar, trangressional or unsuitable for public viewing is censored too.”
Shaumik Samar Ghosh

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