India: Interview with censored film director

“They are a puritan lot, divorced from today’s liberal society and afraid to face reality,” fumes Indian filmmaker Ashvin Kumar about the Censor Board, as he recalls getting into trouble with the board for several of his films including ‘Inshallah Football’, ‘Dazed in Doon’ and ‘Inshallah Kashmir’. But not the one to give in, Ashvin had his films uploaded online and they were well-received too.

The film director Ashvin Kumar may be best-known for his Oscar nominated film ‘Little Terrorist’, but the indie director is equally known for his run-ins with controversies and the Censor Board, wrote Daily News & Analysis on 30 April 2012.

“I will never compromise on my ideals of cinema, even if that will mean commercial suicide. I would rather give up making films and join family business, than let go of my freedom as a filmmaker,” he says.

Daily News & Analysis – 30 Apr 2012:
The Censor Board is afraid of reality: Ashvin Kumar
By Aakanksha Naval-Shetye, DNA

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