India: Play banned for topless scene

india national school of drama
The National School of Drama (NSD) has banned Polish play ‘Sonaka’ throughout India due to a nudity scene wherein a woman appeared topless, reported Odisha TV on 13 February 2016.

The play, put on by Polish-based troupe Alexander Jiereko and part of the NSD’s national theatre festival, was enacted in the eastern state of Odisha on 12 February 2016.

The state’s tourism and culture minister Ashok Panda served a notice to the NSD to furnish a report over the play, reported Hindustan Times on 13 February 2016.

“The act could have been presented in a suggestive manner instead of resorting to nudity,” Panda said. “Odia culture doesn’t allow any nudity. There has to be a degree of restraint in showcasing such work and to breach that is against our culture.”

The NSD put on the play in collaboration with the Odisha Sangeet Natak Akademi which has apologised for putting on the play.

Photo from NSD Facebook page


» Hindustan Times – 13 February 2016:
Odisha seeks report from NSD for ‘nude scenes’ by Polish troupe

» Odisha TV – 13 February 2016:
NSD bans Polish play after nude scenes draw flak

» Update Odisha – 13 February 2016:
NSD bans Polish play in India, Odisha Natak Academy apologises for ‘nude scene’

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