India: Police remove floating cow art and detain artists

In India two artists were detained for their work on 21 November 2015: a life-size styrofoam art installation of a flying cow in Rajasthan’s Jaipur city.

Following protests by right-wing Hindu groups alleging their religious sentiments were hurt, local police dismantled the work and detained the two artists.

Later, amid public outrage, the chief minister of the state, Vasundhara Raje, issued an apology and suspended the officers in question.

In the past few months, India has seen several conflicting viewpoints on hardcore Hindu ideology in the form of “beef politics”. Many of them have even turned violent, such as the incident involving a Muslim man who was lynched because he was suspected of storing beef in his house. What followed were several other beef-related cases of violence, including three deaths.

Beef and buffalo meat was banned by most states in India after the Narendra Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party took charge at the centre. The party is largely seen as a Hindu nationalist party. The state of Rajasthan, where the incident took place, is governed by the same party.

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