Iran: Album by prominent musician denied distribution

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Majid Derakhshani’s latest album ‘Khoroosh’ will not be distributed in Iran, reported Payvand Iran News. The album, which translates to ‘Roar’, is comprised of Derakhshani’s music sung by Mojtaba Asgari and was tied up in legal red tape for over two years before the denial was issued.

Further, the Ministry of Guidance’s security department has stated that the musician is banned from musical activity for his collaboration with the Mah Banoo group, comprised of mostly female musicians and singers.

The musician has said that he has been interrogated over the use of female singers in his music, but has been acquitted of any charges and considers the new ban on him being able to work as a musician as “unfounded”.

This latest development for the musician comes almost a year after he was banned from traveling abroad in January 2015 when security officials confiscated his passport at Tehran’s Imam Khomeini airport on his way to Dubai. Since then he and members of Mah Banoo have been summoned by security forces on several occasions.


» Payvand Iran News – 28 December 2015:
Iranian ministry blocks album release; composer banned from working

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