Iran: Interview with theatre director Tinoush Nazmjou about censorship

In this interview with IranWire, the exiled theatre director Tinoush Nazmjou – one of Iran’s prominent young directors – talks about his enthusiasm for returning to Iran and experimenting with creative work under an atmosphere heavy with limitations. He talks about the creative contrast between working freely and under censorship, Iran’s theatre scene, and how social media is bridging the divide between exiled artists and homeland.

Tinoush Nazmjou

Tinoush Nazmjou, also an author and theatre translator, left Iran in 2009 after authorities denied him permission to publicly stage his last two plays. He moved to France where, during his years of absence, he has sought to keep in touch with his Iranian audience through an energetic presence on Facebook and Twitter.

Read the interview:

Iran Wire – 16 October 2013:
Censorship, Both Bane and Muse?
By Niloufar Rostami

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