Iran: Two songwriters and poets arrested

On 7 December 2013 the two Iranian lyricists and poets Dr. Mehdi Moosavi and Fateme Ekhtesari were arrested by the Security Department of Iran Revolutionary Guards.


It is generally believed that they were arrested maybe because of their lyrics which have been performed by a famous Iranian singer in exile, Shahin Najafi.

Many of their lyrics have been song by Shahin Najafi whos own songs are banned in Iran. In 2013, ayatollahs in Iran issued a death sentence on him, though he lives in exile.

Mehdi Moosavi and Fateme Ekhtesari have been imprisoned in single-person cells under tough conditions in the Evin prison in Tehran, reported Radio Liberty’s Iranian broadcaster, Radio Farda.

Swedish Pen:
Poeter fängslade


The following are some of the most important Iranian news websites abroad which have reported about the two poets’ imprisonment: 






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