Israel: Palestinian writer arrested and detained

Israeli forces arrested writer Walid Hodali on 16 January 2017 after storming his home and confiscating some of his belongings in Ramallah in the West Bank, reported Palestine Today.

The Voice of Palestine reported on 16 January 2017 that the writer was taken to an unknown location and the reason for his arrest was unknown. Hodali’s arrest was part of a mass arrest where dozens of Palestinians were taken into custody.

Hodali is a member of the Palestinian Writers Federation and has written several novels, children’s books and novels, as well as written and produced two films about Palestinian prisoners. He has often been the target of Israeli forces and has spent many years behind bars.

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» SKeyes Media – 17 January 2017
Israeli forces arrest author and writer Walid Hodali and take him to unknown location

» Voice of Palestine – 16 January 2016
Palestinian Writers Federation condemns the arrest of writer Walid Hodali

» Palestine Today – 16 January 2017
Israeli occupation forces arrest Palestinian author and writer Walid Hodali

» International Middle East Media Center – 16 January 2017
General union for Palestinian writers denounced abduction of Palestinian author

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