Japan: Artist imprisoned over ‘obscene’ kayak design

When Japanese artist Megumi Igarashi began to make plaster casts of her genitalia and show them in exhibitions, she accepted some people might be upset. But she could not have imagined she would end up in prison.

Megumi Igarashi has spent 10 days in a Tokyo women’s prison. Her crime, the police say, was sending an email to a “large number of people” with a link showing them a plan for how to create a boat using an “obscene” 3D image of her vagina.

It’s the second arrest of the artist, who uses the pseudonym Rokudenashiko, roughly meaning “good-for-nothing girl”. In July 2014, she was imprisoned for six days after she tried to use crowdfunding to pay for a kayak in the shape of her genitals.

Megumi Igarashi’s supporters say her arrests reek of double standards in a country where sexualised images of women are rampant


» The Guardian – 4 December 2014:
Japanese vagina kayak artist arrested again for obscenity

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