Japan: Censors reject the French film ‘My Little Princess’

Japan’s film censorship body, Eirin, has labeled French film My Little Princess as ‘Inapplicable for Classification’. Even though Eirin calls its classification system ‘voluntary’, its refusal to give the film a rating certificate is the equivalent of banning it from a regular theatrical release.


According to the Code of the National Association of Theatre Owners of Japan, no member cinema may exhibit a film without an Eirin certificate.

Directed by Eva Ionesco and published in France in 2011, the pseudo-autobiographical drama is about a renowned photographer (played by Isabelle Huppert), who uses her young daughter as the model of provocative photos. The film depicts the deterioration of their relationship after the photos were published.

Though Eirin did not give a specific reason for its decision, local distributor Unplugged Inc アンプラグド told local media that the censorship body had a problem with the film’s portrayal of a minor posing for provocative photos, equating it to child pornography.

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