Japan: Exhibition of Unfreedom of Expression


“Is Japan a nation of free speech? How much freedom of expression do people enjoy in this country?” asks Reiji Yoshida and Kazuaki Nagata in an article in The Japan Times about an ‘Exhibition of Unfreedom of Expression’ which is on display in a small gallery in Tokyo until 1 February 2015.

The exhibition showcases what have been considered taboos in Japan despite the freedom of expression guaranteed by the postwar Constitution. All of the works on display in Gallery Furuto have earlier been rejected or removed by other exhibition organisers in Japan amid controversy
The article is based on interviews with the Japanese professors Kozo Nagata and Yasuhiko Oishi, and the South Korean photographer Ahn Sehong.

» The Japan Times – 22 January 2015:
Self-censorship is biggest threat to free speech in Japan

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