Lebanon: Censored film director initiates legal case against the state

All three of Lebanese director Danielle Arbid’s films have been banned in her native Lebanon. She has initiated a legal case against censorship and the Lebanese state – the first trial of its kind.

“This is in motion. If we win, this will help other directors and artists to be more conscious of their rights. If we don’t, my next films will not be made in Lebanon. Art is more important than a country.” told Danielle Abid to Middle East Campaign.

Danielle Arbid is one of a growing number of Lebanese artists battling censorship and what they view as infringements on freedom of speech and artistic expression. Now based in France, she is critical of the current state of Arab cinema and its inability to be self-critical.

In the article, she talks about censorship and Arab cinema, and about her legal case:

Middle East Campaign – 4 November 2012:
‘Art is more important than a country’
By Iain Akerman




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