Lebanon: Inconsistent and bizarre censorship practices

March, a Lebanese NGO, have been documenting the obscure and arbitrary censorship practices in Lebanon via their ‘Virtual Museum of Censorship’ since the group was founded in 2011. In March 2014, Global Post published an in-depth coverage of their work and the current censorship practices in the country.


“To describe their findings as bizarre would be an understatement,” wrote Global Post’s Tracey Shelton.

Lea Baroudi, a founding member and general coordinator of March, said many of the inconsistences exist because there is no centralized censorship body. Various ministries, commissions and general security can all legally ban material while religious authorities, political parties and even foreign embassies wield their influence on censorship decisions.

“The laws of censorship are so vague that it allows the people in charge to censor anything they want. And what worries me is that I think it is getting worse.”
Lea Baroudi

» Global Post – 4 March 2014:
Why Lebanon censors Frank Sinatra, Puss in Boots, and The West Wing
A look inside the bizarre world of the country’s censorship policies. By Tracey Shelton


» Home page of Virtual Museum of Censorship:  www.censorshiplebanon.org

» Home page of March:  www.marchlebanon.org

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