Lebanon: Theatre director claims ‘victory’ after receiving passport back

Lebanese theatre director Lucien Bourjeily said General Security returned his passport which the security apparatus had confiscated for unclear reasons.


Lucien Bourjeily announced on his Facebook page that it was a “victory” over what he called an arbitrary confiscation and a curb on his freedom of movement.

The director was shortlisted for a Freedom of Expression Award from the Index on Censorship in February this year, after censors in 2013 banned “Will It Pass or Not?” – a stage comedy set in General Security’s Bureau of Censorship.

Speaking to The Daily Star, Bourjeily said he asked the officials at General Security if he had committed a crime. “They told me: ‘No, there is no crime, or else we would have kept you here … but there is something you did in 2013 and you should know what it is.’”

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