Lebanon: Two films removed from film festival programme

The administration of the Beirut International Film Festival announced in a press release that Lebanon’s film censorship board has denied permission to screen the Lebanese short ‘Wahibatouka al-Moutaa’ (I Offered You Pleasure) and the French feature ‘L’Inconnu du Lac’ (Stranger by the Lake).


The Daily Star – 3 October 2013:
Beirut International Film Festival faces censorship

Reuters – 7 October 2013:
Lebanon bans two films in setback for tolerant image
Lebanon has banned the screening of a film about homosexuality and another on short-term “pleasure marriages” practised in some Muslim communities, in a blow to its reputation as a bastion of tolerance in a deeply conservative region. The films, which had been due to be shown at the Beirut International Film Festival that opened last week, were blocked by a government censorship committee, festival organisers said. Article by Stephen Kalin

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