Morocco: Rapper El Haqed arrested again

The Moroccan rapper El Haqed – also known as ‘L7a9ed’ – has been arrested again by Moroccan authorities, reported BelmKaddem.


Belmkaddem – 19 May 2014:
Moroccan Rapper El Haqed – L7a9ed – Arrested again by Moroccan Authorities
By repetitively arresting and beating an artist who doesn’t sugar-coat Morocco’s dark side, and uses rap as a healthy outlet, the Makhzen sends yet another reminder of Morocco’s oppressive ways.

» – 19 May 2014:
» Moroccan Rapper Al Haqed (El Haqed/L7a9ed) Arrested Again

“Yesterday, May 18, the Moroccan rapper Al Haqed (Mouad Belghouat) and a group of his friends approached by police while about to enter the Casablanca soccer stadium to see a match. The cops targeted Al Haqed, accused him of buying tickets on the black market, and proceeded to beat up him and his brother. ” – 19 May 2014:
Le rappeur El Haqed arrêté… pour vente de billets de football au marché noir
La police aurait interpellé El Haqed devant le stade Mohammed V alors qu’il était en état d’ivresse et avec en sa possession des tickets du match qu’il vendait bien au delà de leur valeur réelle.


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