Nepal: Forms and evolution of censorship

Ensuring freedom of expression and dissent to all is a balancing act yet to be mastered by Nepal, writes Slok Gyawali in an article published by Fair Observer which describes how censorship in Nepal has been employed for political reasons at various points in history.


“The difference in reaction to perceived insults to religious sentiments in the two Hindu-majority countries [concerning the publishing of the books ‘The Hindus: An Alternative History’ and ‘Dairy of a Tantric Priestess’] reveals much about the nature of censorship in Nepal, and the politics that guides it.

Apathy to the examples masks Nepal’s haunting legacy of censorship, employed to maintain structures of domination and punish nonconformity. The history of censorship in Nepal exposes how its nature has evolved: from the marginalization of communities from access to religious education, to using it as a tool of foreign policy, and to ensuring state security and regime stability. Nepal’s transition to democracy, too, has come with its own rationale for censorship.”

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Fair Observer – 9 June 2014:
Censorship in Nepal: Forms and Evolution
By Slok Gyawali

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