New book: ‘Music, Culture and Conflict in Mali’

Freemuse are pleased to announce the publication of our first book, ‘Music, Culture and Conflict in Mali’, which is launched in a digital and on-demand paperback edition on 21 May 2013.

Music Culture and Conflict in Mali

“Essential reading for anyone who has been touched by Saharan music. It gives a clear and gripping picture of what it’s like to live through the chaos of a 21st century conflict… A really valuable piece of work.”
Guitarist Justin Adams

‘Music, Culture and Conflict in Mali’ is by the writer and journalist Andy Morgan, who used to manage the Touareg group Tinariwen and has been working with and writing about Malian musicians for many years. He is also a reputed commentator on the music, culture and politics of Mali and the Sahara.

‘Music, Culture and Conflict in Mali’ takes an in-depth look at the crisis that overtook Mali in January 2012 and lead to a ten-month occupation of the northern two-thirds of the country by armed jihadi groups. The book examines the roots of those tumultuous events and their effect on the music and culture of the country. There are chapters on music under occupation in the north, the music scene in Bamako, the destruction of mausoleums in the north, the fate of Mali’s precious manuscripts, Mali’s film and theatre industries and the response to the crisis from writers, poets, journalists, intellectuals and film-makers.

‘Music, Culture and Conflict in Mali’ is available as a digital edition and in paperback. Read more…

The income from sales of this book will support Freemuse in its work to help musicians who suffer persecution, discrimination or imprisonment around the world.


About the author

Andy Morgan ended a seven-year stint as manager of the Touareg rockers Tinariwen and a 29-year stretch in the music industry in 2010 to concentrate on journalism and writing. During his career in the music business, Andy Morgan worked for a wide range of music companies including Cooking Vinyl, WOMAD, World Circuit, FNAC Musique, Piranha and run his own global electronica label, Apartment 22.

Since 2010 Andy has focused his journalism and writing on the politics and society of West Africa and the Sahara. He has contributed reports about the Touareg and the crisis in northern Mali to The Guardian, The Independent, Al Jazeera, CNN, BBC Focus On Africa and many other publications. He has also given interviews to a long range of tv and radio broadcasters all over the world.

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“We don’t want Satan’s music!” — Scenes of musical life under Shari’a Law


Music in the red zone — The Festival in the Desert and the advance of Islamism in the north


“We have come here to teach you the true faith,” — Vandalism and destruction along the great fault line of the Sahel


Tisrawt — The epic tale of a theatre company from northern Mali


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By Andy Morgan

A Freemuse publication

220 pages

21 May 2013





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