Party-organiser removes painting of woman in niqab

Screendump of Amin Safari’s twitter page where ‘AFGee’ writes: “You will get so much fatwa against you and bashes…”

An oil painting of a stripper in a cocktail glass wearing the Muslim headdress niqab was to supposed to be an eye catcher for the music event ‘Haram!’ in Odense, Denmark. Instead it provoked a fierce debate, and after threats of a fatwa, the organiser, Amin Safari, has removed the image from the Facebook page of the event.

“I have succumbed to pressure from Muslim believers,” he wrote on the page.

The image that Amin Safari used to promote his event is from a controversial series of paintings entitled ‘Islam Erotica’, produced by the Iran-American artist Makan Emadi.

‘Haram’ means ‘Forbidden’ in Arabic, and the event, dedicated to “everything that is forbidden (…) Release all inhibitions and enjoy life!”, offers DJ concerts with German Schlachthofbronx and the Danish DJ duo Wobble Squad, and takes place on 19 May in Den Fynske Opera.

A person wrote on Twitter: “You will get so much Fatwa and beats for this event”, while another wrote: “A fatwa has been issued for Amin Safari’s head. And the same goes for everyone who shows up to his Haram-arrangement!”

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