Saudi Arabia: Concert with mixed gender audience cancelled

Zayed Al Saleh

A concert scheduled for 6 May 2015 at the major Jeddah Amasy concert hall was cancelled by authorities, according to the daily Saudi newspaper Ajel.

Apparently the concert audience was planned to be of ‘mixed gender’, which incited an opposition campaign against the concert on social media.

The event was to feature the popular young Saudi artist Zayed Al Saleh in a celebration for the graduation of employees of a local company in Jeddah. The concert venue sent an ‘apology letter’ to the company and organiser of the event, stating that it would have to cancel the concert based on the negative feedback on social media and phone calls which the hall’s manager had been receiving.

The protestors argued that mixed gender concerts are ‘haram’ (unlawful according to the religion) and therefore cannot be held in Saudi Arabia.

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