Singapore: Row over ‘draconian’ vandalism law

After being arrested for posting stickers in public spaces, 27-year-old street artist Samantha Lo – the so-called ‘Sticker Lady’ – has inspired a massive online campaign. She could be facing three years in prison if convicted.

British newspaper The Guardian describes Singapore as a city obsessed with order and where ‘vandals’ can be flogged. If charged underSingapore’s draconian 1966 vandalism law, Samantha Lo could face up to three years in prison and a US$ 2,000 fine. Men who are convicted, even of first offences, also receive three strokes of the cane.

Samantha Lo is founder of an online arts magazine. She was arrested for sticking messages on traffic signal buttons saying ‘Press to Time Travel’ or ‘Press to Stop Time’, as well as on suspicion of painting messages on roads reading ‘My Grandfather Road’ – a Singaporean pun on bad driving and, some believe, the out-of-touch government of Singapore.

According to an article in The Guardian newspaper which in itself received over 100 comments, the incident has triggered deep soul-searching in the city state, which is infamous for its enforcement of strict social order and banned the sale of chewing gum to keep its pavements clean.

Samantha Lo’s arrest was condemned by more than 14,000 people who signed an online petition calling for leniency in the way she is treated.



Google News – continuously updated:
Search: “Samantha Lo” + “Singapore”

The Guardian – 10 June 2012:
Strict Singapore divided by arrest of its own Banksy
Online wave of support for artist Samantha Lo forces the city to confront its puritan image. By Peter Beaumont

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