South Korea: Public broadcaster deems songs from pop star’s new album unfit

South Korea’s public broadcaster KBS has banned four songs from K-pop star Psy’s latest album from being broadcast due to their lyrics, reported Korea Joongang Daily on 18 May 2017.

KBS said the lyrics to ‘New Face’ and ‘Bomb’ had lyrics that were “too vulgar for television; while the lyrics to ‘I Luv It’, though not vulgar, are written out so they sound like curse words. The fourth song, ‘Auto Reverse’, was banned because the lyrics repeatedly mention the brand name ‘Walkman’.

This is not the first time the singer, who reached global fame in 2012 for his song and video ‘Gangnam Style’, has suffered censorship. In April 2013, KBS banned the follow-up video, ‘Gentleman’, to that global hit because it depicted damage to public property: Psy kicking a traffic cone in the first five seconds of the video and then looking at the camera and laughing.

Regulations for content remain vague in South Korea, thus allowing networks and officials to censor any work that may be deemed too sexual, controversial, political or generally against public morale.

Photo: Psy/Wikicommons


» Korea Joongang Daily – 18 May 2017
Songs off Psy’s album deemed unfit for TV

» All K Pop – 16 May 2017
4 of Psy’s new songs including ’I Luv It’ & ’New Face’ deemed inappropriate for broadcast by KBS

» Soompi – 16 May 2017
4 of Psy’s songs deemed unsuitable for broadcast purposes by KBS

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